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Ziggyboy Bullet

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Home Of The "Ziggyboy Bullet / Z-VSC"

Introducing The "Ziggyboy Bullet/Z-VSC" For Bicycles And Motorcycles


         Of all the bicycle inner-tube valve stem caps that are on the market, the Ziggyboy Bullet/Z-VSC is the only one that completely covers the entire inner-tube valve stem from top to bottom, meeting the rim of a bicycle wheel, therefore protecting the entire valve stem from damage. The decorative chrome and stylish look of this new product for bicycles matches the chrome look of bicycle wheels and does away with the unsightly air valve stem that all the other air valve caps do not. The reason that all the other valve caps do not cover the entire valve stem, is because there hasn't been a measurable way to make any other valve stem cap successfully cover the entire valve stem and meet with the wheel rim.

The inventor of the Ziggyboy Bullet/Z-VSC, Johnnie Dorman, brainstormed a new and very plausible approach to this problem by the use of a neoprene O-ring, with which the Z-VSC slips over the O-ring and snugs itself to the air valve stem. In addition, many Harley Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts, and motorcycle enthusiasts in general, have shown much interest in the Ziggyboy Bullet/Z-VSC.

After much research and development, this product has been determined to be very popular with kids and adults alike, decidedly making it a remarkably attractive and "cool" addition to bicycles, motorcycles, and any other devise or vehicle that has either a Shrader or Presta inner-tube valve stem.

Ziggyboy Bullet Application

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The Ziggyboy Bullet Valve Stem Cover can be used for all sorts of tires and wheels, even baby strollers that use ballooned type tires with either Shrader or Presta valve stems.

The Z-VSC has a bright chrome appearance that perfectly matches any chromed wheel. In the near future, the Ziggyboy Bullet will be made in different colors, such as anodized red, anodized blue, anodized purple. There will be pink ones for the girls, plus other colors, such as shiny black, bright florescent yellow, green, and orange.


Even motorcycle enthusiasts have shown great interest in the Ziggyboy Bullet Valve Stem Cover. They say that the application of the Ziggyboy Bullet to even Chopper Motorcycles makes their bike wheels look the coolest ever!

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The Ziggyboy sissy bars can be special ordered now. Just contact us at to get your new sissy bar for any type of muscle bicycle.

This site is still under construction because of new products being offered.
Stay tuned for the revolutionary Ziggyboy Whip-it wheelie bar for muscle bikes, coming soon.

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